Check out the inspiring stories of extraordinary individuals in our work to improve the lives of people in Sri Lanka and strengthen the country's resilience.
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This #WorldOceansDay we are celebrating individuals like Raju, who are working together to protect & restore the beautiful bar reef in Kalpitiya,Sri Lanka back to its former glory!
As Youth Leads, young people have the opportunity to engage in UNDP’s work, be provided with a holistic experience and support programme initiatives contributing to sustainable development in Sri Lanka. UNDP, in line with its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and “leaving no one behind”, will give special consideration to young talents with disabilities to become Youth Leads.
UNDP Sri Lanka recently entered into a partnership agreement with the Government of UK to extend support for Sustainable Resettlement of recently released lands in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka under a GBP 1,000,000 project.
With youth taking the center stage in activism for climate change on 15 March 2019, mobilizing a record number of students across the world, it seems opportune to highlight why actions of such massive scale is a necessity now more than ever.
In commemoration of World Water Day 2019, Shangri La partnered with UNDP to protect the cascades in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka recently. By pledging to plant an initial 800 trees to protect the Mahadhodanaththewa tank in the Madde Ramabawa Cascade, both Shangri La and UNDP are working together to realize the vision of a sustainable and climate resilient Sri Lanka.

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An earthquake shattered millions of lives in Nepal, UNDP is working to help people recover and rebuild stronger.


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