An exciting opportunity for post-graduate/research students interested in Water Security and Climate Variability to learn from some of the best visiting academics from the London School of Economics and Political Science! Interested? Sign up before 27 July 2018.
The Kalpitiya Bar Reef was once a colourful and vibrant tourist attraction. However, due to human activities such as over fishing, dynamite fishing and high speed boats, the coral reef has gradually deteriorated over the years and has lost its beauty. Now almost 24 years later, Niluka and Samith are working together with local authorities and UNDP to bring this natural ecosystem back to life.
The EU in partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka and the UN in Sri Lanka have come together to contribute to the implementation of the Peacebuilding Priority Plan through this 18-month Programme.
UNDP along with European Union of Sri Lanka have improved the lives of fisherman in Vidathaltivu, Mannar by easing access to the harbour to reducing expenses and creating tourism potential
Climate Resilient Integrated Water Management Project is a 7-year project aimed at strengthening the resilience of Smallholder Farmers in Sri Lanka’s Dry Zone to climate variability and extreme events.
This RTI Guidance Note puts together a repertoire of possible solutions to various challenges Sri Lanka is likely to face, based on comparative experience in South Asia.
This video is a preview of UNDP Sri Lanka's Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Support to communities across 10 districts around the country.

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An earthquake shattered millions of lives in Nepal, UNDP is working to help people recover and rebuild stronger.


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