Redefining Ambition: How to Escape the Under-Achievement Trap

09 Feb 2017 by Thamara Kandabadda

Who do you want to become when you grow up? We ask our children. I remember being asked this question in class many years ago. Oh wait, I was wrong. We don't ask "who do you want to become?" Instead we ask "what is your ambition?" (at least my teachers did.) This is where the problem starts. … Read more

Should economic and social rights be included in the new Sri Lankan Constitution?

25 Jan 2017 by Natasha Fernando

It is time that all rights which are important for a ‘decent standard of living’ are recognized along the lines of right to inclusive development in an era of reconciliation and the state facilitate such rights prioritizing the vulnerable people, those affected by the war and young people who are dropped out from the knowledge economy of the country. … Read more

Dear Generation Y, there’s only so much a screen can show.

13 Jan 2017 by Sulaiman Rameez

So my kind appeal to you is that in addition to the Hashtags, Trending Articles and viral videos you step out of the house and embrace what the real world is like. … Read more

The National Budget 2017: A youth perspective

04 Jan 2017 by Dinesha Samaranayake

To say the least, 2016 was an eventful year. From the Brexit to the presidential elections in the US and the refugee crisis in Europe reminds us of the extremely volatile and challenging world left behind for us as a result of our older generation’s choices. … Read more

Ragging in Sri Lankan Universities- affects Quality of education? Encourages Gender-based Violence?

16 Dec 2016 by Natasha Fernando

If you are a girl or a boy, walking into universities for the first time with high hopes and you get stopped at various intervals being mocked, humiliated, spoken to in filth, and jeered at by other boys and girls - that is harassment. … Read more