Floods and Droughts – an endless Sri Lankan loop?

31 May 2017 by Anoka Primrose Abeyrathne

Photo courtesy of ABC
177 Dead. 109 listed missing. Over 557,500 people affected and 75,000 displaced (at the time of writing). In the worst floods to occur in Sri Lanka in 14 years, little preparation was done to minimize loss of life and damages. Are we stuck in an endless loop of unpreparedness? … Read more

How to stimulate entrepreneurship within the school education system in Sri Lanka?

26 May 2017

It is crystal clear that developing the concept of entrepreneurship finds solutions not only to the directly related economic issues but also other issues of the society which are linked from distance. Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan education system focuses more on knowledge development. … Read more

Redefining Ambition: How to Escape the Under-Achievement Trap

09 Feb 2017 by Thamara Kandabadda

Who do you want to become when you grow up? We ask our children. I remember being asked this question in class many years ago. Oh wait, I was wrong. We don't ask "who do you want to become?" Instead we ask "what is your ambition?" (at least my teachers did.) This is where the problem starts. … Read more

Dear Generation Y, there’s only so much a screen can show.

13 Jan 2017 by Sulaiman Rameez

So my kind appeal to you is that in addition to the Hashtags, Trending Articles and viral videos you step out of the house and embrace what the real world is like. … Read more

The National Budget 2017: A youth perspective

04 Jan 2017 by Dinesha Samaranayake

To say the least, 2016 was an eventful year. From the Brexit to the presidential elections in the US and the refugee crisis in Europe reminds us of the extremely volatile and challenging world left behind for us as a result of our older generation’s choices. … Read more