Less Risk, More Reward

07 Oct 2015 by Kulunu Jayamanne

To the buzzword of buzzwords – sustainability; Disaster risk reduction is a crucial component required to actually achieve sustainability. If youth want to call the shots in achieving sustainable development, the mantra we’ll have to follow must be “Less Risk, More Reward”. … Read more

Climate Change - Its Unspoken Impact on Sri Lankan Youth and Their Role in Mitigation

19 Sep 2015 by Thilina Kalhara Panduwawala

Sri Lanka has significantly entered consumerism in the last decade. We are now very much used to the luxuries that it bestows upon us. The answer doesn't lie in forcing youth to reduce indulging in comfy air conditioned temperatures, cut down on internet usage or stop dreaming about SUVs. The answer lies in utilising that very drive to such indulgences to mitigate climate change. … Read more

30 Years On… Are We Safer Today?

18 Sep 2015 by Dhanushki Abhayaratne

30 years ago, in 1985, we were shocked by the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer. Today, we mark the 30th anniversary since the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer was agreed upon. 30 years on, the question remains, are we safer today? … Read more