Era of Youth: UN Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security.

27 Oct 2016 by Thevuni Kotigala

Young people worldwide are rising as agents for change, demanding their rights to freedom and opportunities, as they are in a need to accomplish their aspirations for better lives. In December 2015, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, recognizing the important and the positive role young men and women play in sustaining and promoting international peace and security. … Read more

Young People and Social Media Addiction

21 Oct 2016 by Madura Thivanka

Recently, the usage of social media has gone up due to development of these platforms and the attractiveness of social media technology. This method of interacting is now excessively used by individuals, who may become addicted to such social media networks and become isolated in real life. Of course there are positive and negative impacts of social media usage among the young generation … Read more

Reconciliation and Coexistence: Role of Youth

30 Sep 2016 by Sanjana Mapatuna

Being in the post-war era, Sri Lankan Youth should not let this opportunity wither away because the current topic ‘Reconciliation and Coexistence: Role of Youth' is a crucial and vital tool to reunite the divided communities and build an indivisible nation that stands together against any despotic movement in the country. … Read more

Why should we care about the vulnerable?

24 Sep 2016 by Janani Balasubramaniam

Recently, it was decided by the Cabinet of Ministers that 2017 be declared as the “Year of Alleviating Poverty”. While it’s commendable (in terms of raising awareness) it should not lose its meaning … Read more

Free Education System: The Unexplored Flaws

16 Sep 2016 by Natasha Fernando

I recently watched a video on YouTube titled ‘Kids react to Donald Trump’. Children were asked their opinion of the US presidential candidate and the responses indicated enthusiasm in the politics of their country. This demonstrates why a education is important to foster the analytical thinking of children … Read more