The National Budget 2017: A youth perspective

04 Jan 2017 by Dinesha Samaranayake

To say the least, 2016 was an eventful year. From the Brexit to the presidential elections in the US and the refugee crisis in Europe reminds us of the extremely volatile and challenging world left behind for us as a result of our older generation’s choices. … Read more

Opening Lines of Communication for Youth in a Sustainable Development Era

09 Dec 2016 by Ayushka Nugaliyadda and Sarika Warusavitarana

Photo Credits: Freya Morales/UNDP
If a sustainable future is to be secured, then we need to ensure that the generations to come are invested in it and that they are given the opportunity to shape the future that they want. … Read more

A Subjective Perception on Poverty and Development in Sri Lanka

07 Nov 2016 by Neranjan Maddumage

For a long time, I have wanted to write an article addressing a global issue with a subjective point of view. I enjoy addressing development issues with an impressionistic style, no matter how readers comprehend or react to it. I strongly believe such impressionistic views could establish new approaches to address common social issues like poverty or gender inequality. … Read more

Why should we care about the vulnerable?

24 Sep 2016 by Janani Balasubramaniam

Recently, it was decided by the Cabinet of Ministers that 2017 be declared as the “Year of Alleviating Poverty”. While it’s commendable (in terms of raising awareness) it should not lose its meaning … Read more

Youth and Innovation: Creating a Future We Want

22 May 2016 by Kulunu Jayamanne

Sri Lanka’s youth today are asking the right questions about the country’s future. They are change makers and most of all they are innovators offering fresh perspectives and alternative solutions. … Read more