The National Budget 2017: A youth perspective

04 Jan 2017 by Dinesha Samaranayake

To say the least, 2016 was an eventful year. From the Brexit to the presidential elections in the US and the refugee crisis in Europe reminds us of the extremely volatile and challenging world left behind for us as a result of our older generation’s choices. … Read more

Ragging in Sri Lankan Universities- affects Quality of education? Encourages Gender-based Violence?

16 Dec 2016 by Natasha Fernando

If you are a girl or a boy, walking into universities for the first time with high hopes and you get stopped at various intervals being mocked, humiliated, spoken to in filth, and jeered at by other boys and girls - that is harassment. … Read more

Opening Lines of Communication for Youth in a Sustainable Development Era

09 Dec 2016 by Ayushka Nugaliyadda and Sarika Warusavitarana

Photo Credits: Freya Morales/UNDP
If a sustainable future is to be secured, then we need to ensure that the generations to come are invested in it and that they are given the opportunity to shape the future that they want. … Read more

Are SMEs the Solution to Youth Unemployment?

30 Nov 2016 by Janani Balasubramaniam

So, is entrepreneurship and promotion of the SME sector alone the key to resolving youth unemployment? Yes, and no. … Read more

Reconciliation over Racism: The Role of Youth in Sri Lanka

11 Nov 2016 by Rangana Hettiarachchi

Whether we live in the North or South, our principles and expectations should not be betrayed by hypocritical and vicious ideologies that our generation is not supposed to inherit. The generation that was a direct part of the war and the generation that has been brainwashed by ideology and has only second-hand experience of the war cannot logically be placed on either side of a single scale. Destroying the future of that generation by sowing racism is more inhumane than a war. … Read more