World Youth Report Edition – ‘All You(th) Need Is Now’

15 Jul 2016 by Nida Admani

One of the biggest criticisms of the infamous Brexit vote last month was the fact that a significant proportion of those who voted ‘Leave’ were above the age of 60; thus the elderly population brought about an outcome that would have a bigger impact on the younger generation. This point highlights the importance of youth civic engagement. … Read more

‘Liberal Democracy’ - Too Overrated?

24 Jun 2016 by Insaf Bakeer Markar

Sri Lanka’s youth has had a troubled relationship with regard to political involvement. However although the roots of these uprisings and issues definitely have a longer story, pundits might argue that all these seem to prove that if Sri Lankan society was a flourishing liberal democracy or had liberal democratic principles in governance, many of these problems could have been lessened or at its best; resolved. This argument might be true but it also might not be true. … Read more

The Need for Ingenious Entrepreneurial Mobilization (IEM) of Sri Lankan Youth

10 Jun 2016 by Heshika Deegahawathura

Sri Lankan youth have the potential to lead the way in Ingenious Entrepreneurial Mobilization efforts and thrust the economy to greater heights. In fact, it applies to all youth in the developing world. Hopefully, through the right policies and enthusiasm we’d see our youth build Ingenious Entrepreneurial solutions that change the world! … Read more

YOUTH PERSPECTIVE: Foresight and Innovation Summit – What was it all about?

08 Jun 2016 by Darshatha Gamage and Natasha Fernando

The First National Summit on Foresight and Innovation for Sustainable Human Development has come to an end, providing answers to many questions and unsurprisingly making way for fresh questions waiting to be answered. In case you missed it, here’s a breakdown of the Summit... … Read more

Youth and Innovation: Creating a Future We Want

22 May 2016 by Kulunu Jayamanne

Sri Lanka’s youth today are asking the right questions about the country’s future. They are change makers and most of all they are innovators offering fresh perspectives and alternative solutions. … Read more