Free Education System: The Unexplored Flaws

16 Sep 2016 by Natasha Fernando

I recently watched a video on YouTube titled ‘Kids react to Donald Trump’. Children were asked their opinion of the US presidential candidate and the responses indicated enthusiasm in the politics of their country. This demonstrates why a education is important to foster the analytical thinking of children … Read more

Building Back Better from the May 2016 Floods & Landslides

22 Aug 2016 by Senel Wanniarachchi

The floods and landslides which occurred in the island in May this year, affected 22 of the 25 districts in the country (some more than others). Sri Lanka now has an opportunity to not just rebuild the infrastructure and communities to pre-disaster standards, but to ‘build back better’. If we simply rebuild the communities we are only recreating the vulnerabilities that existed earlier … Read more

Empowering the Youth in Sri Lanka and Increasing their Contribution to Economic Development

11 Aug 2016 by Madura Thiwanka Pathirana

If the policy developers can accept the reality of today’s youth and develop an affordable and focused solution specifically aimed at youth empowerment, we as a country can get the maximum benefit out of young people in the development of this nation. … Read more

The Travails of Being Safe in Public Spaces

02 Aug 2016 by Tracy Kumarapeli

Often when travelling on public transport, a girl will be sexually harassed, at some point in her life. In fact, one in every four women get harassed daily. It all goes unnoticed. No one thinks it is a serious issue, when it really is. … Read more

World Youth Report Edition – ‘All You(th) Need Is Now’

15 Jul 2016 by Nida Admani

One of the biggest criticisms of the infamous Brexit vote last month was the fact that a significant proportion of those who voted ‘Leave’ were above the age of 60; thus the elderly population brought about an outcome that would have a bigger impact on the younger generation. This point highlights the importance of youth civic engagement. … Read more