YOUTH PERSPECTIVE: Foresight and Innovation Summit – What was it all about?

08 Jun 2016 by Darshatha Gamage and Natasha Fernando

The First National Summit on Foresight and Innovation for Sustainable Human Development has come to an end, providing answers to many questions and unsurprisingly making way for fresh questions waiting to be answered. In case you missed it, here’s a breakdown of the Summit... … Read more

Youth and Innovation: Creating a Future We Want

22 May 2016 by Kulunu Jayamanne

Sri Lanka’s youth today are asking the right questions about the country’s future. They are change makers and most of all they are innovators offering fresh perspectives and alternative solutions. … Read more

The Political Scenario in Sri Lanka: does it whither Youth and Women?

03 May 2016 by Sachinda Dulanjana

To increase political participation for youth and women within the country, priority should be given to provide grass roots level opportunities for youth and women displaying true leadership personalities. … Read more

Pregnancy: A Personal Boundary, Not To Be Crossed

18 Apr 2016 by Yasmin Abdeen

Being childless by desire is almost blasphemous. Being childless due to health complications is a taboo subject that should only be spoken of in hushed tones, accompanied by sympathetic nods. Why is it such a shameful subject in this day and age? … Read more

The Importance of Difference

05 Apr 2016 by Navodinee Wickramanayake.

Growing up in a time when our country was torn by civil war, we are not a generation which is unfamiliar to the impact and effects of ‘difference.’ In fact we have all seen it’s extremes play out in front of own our eyes. If there is one thing being born into such brutality has taught me, it is the power of those differences. … Read more