Are Young People Apathetic to the Political Process?

08 Mar 2016 by Anisha Niyas

We have seen a change in Government in the recent past, with the highlight being that a lot of activism and lobbying was done through social media. The real question is though, are young people truly actively involved? … Read more

Geography Matters.

01 Mar 2016 by Janani Balasubramaniam

In an age of innovation, we should work towards a state where geography ceases to influence development. Geography Matters. … Read more

Is Pluralism a Myth?

24 Feb 2016 by Thamara Kandabadda

So, is pluralism a myth? The next time you post something on social media or present something in a forum, think twice. Make way for discussion, not aggression. Take time to care. That, is the path to reconciliation. … Read more

Education on Sexual and Reproductive Health for Undergraduates

24 Feb 2016 by Oshadhi Ratnaweera

It is universally accepted that education is a prominent human right. Therefore education on sexual and reproductive health should be considered a fundamental aspect of our education. … Read more

2030 Agenda and Youth: from Rhetoric to Action

18 Feb 2016 by Shevandra Wijemanne and Sisini Thrikawala

The 2-day forum at the UN headquarters was a wakeup call that young people are not just the beneficiaries of the SDGs but also the key players. … Read more