Less Risk, More Reward

07 Oct 2015 by Kulunu Jayamanne

To the buzzword of buzzwords – sustainability; Disaster risk reduction is a crucial component required to actually achieve sustainability. If youth want to call the shots in achieving sustainable development, the mantra we’ll have to follow must be “Less Risk, More Reward”. … Read more

Can Language be a Tool for Reconciliation?

30 Sep 2015 by Sandaru Diwakara

“You look pretty in Sari. The way you have dressed it, I thought you were Tamil,” he said. He was not good at speaking Sinhala. And I could not speak Tamil. Language is a mean of expressing ourselves to the world. … Read more

Young Sri Lankan Women Need to Take the Lead in the Economy

23 Sep 2015 by Dhananjani Randika

An entire nation can thrive when both genders have equal opportunities to reach the top. So, young ladies, dare to take the lead, be empowered and empower others? … Read more

Atonement: will youth be bound by this?

08 Sep 2015 by Ruwini Kodippili

Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and vehicles speeding along, I realised a new day has dawned; not just a new day for me, but a new day for the entire country. … Read more

Peace, Reconciliation and the Sri Lankan Youth

03 Sep 2015 by Rangana Hettiarachchi

It seemed tragic to me how racist and opportunistic politics seemed again and again to supersede the concept of us all being Sri Lankan. After going through nearly 30 years of a violent and bloody war, do we still need to confine ourselves to the concept of ‘race’? … Read more