Young People and the Future: an Observation of Youth in Negombo

18 Jan 2016 by Madura Thivanka

If Negombo maintains the current practices, it will result in damaging the existing tourism status, or become a tourist destination which is full of illegal practices. So how can young people contribute to making Negombo a safe tourist destination? … Read more

12 Jan 2016 by Janani Balasubramaniam

Let’s start with accessibility. We have legislation in place, yet compliance with regulations remains an issue. Building design must incorporate features that allow accessibility and existing structures must be maintained; persons with disabilities must not be deprived of their rights to participate in public life. … Read more

The Pain of the Brain Drain

16 Dec 2015 by Qadir Saheed

Youth want to be different and make a significant contribution to the country. However the some young people study overseas only to return and find that there are no jobs available. So they leave the country in search of jobs outside. … Read more

Sri Lankan Women in Politics

11 Dec 2015 by Chapa Perera

There is a deep rooted prejudice among the general public pertaining to the role of women, and – if they do decide to run for elections – how exactly should they do so? … Read more

It’s Time for Holistic Education

25 Nov 2015 by Sulaiman Rameez

Regardless of whether it is in an air-conditioned room or an open garden with lovely trees, as long as the content of what is being taught is holistic and is sensitive and done well, our country can move along a steady upward trajectory. … Read more