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Over the past several years, UNDP has made significant progress in strengthening partnerships and marshalling resources to support progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. UNDP is coordinating and nurturing its working relationships with donor countries, civil society organizations, international financial institutions, regional development banks, the private sector and rest of the UN system and is now better prepared than ever to help attract human and financial assistance and use it effectively.

On the ground in Sri Lanka for six decades, UNDP Sri Lanka today has an extensive and substantive network of partners throughout the government, international community, civil society, and private sector. UNDP Sri Lanka works with its partners to conduct outreach throughout the network, advocate and advise on policy, facilitate inter-agency dialogue and cooperation, and design, implement, execute development initiatives.

The Government of Sri Lanka is a crucial partner for UNDP. UNDP works with Government Ministries, Departments and Local Authorities. They include the External Resources Department of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, and the National Planning Department as well as the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils, Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Disaster Management. UNDP also works with civil society organizations, NGOs and Community Based Organizations, and the donors (details of donors can be found here).

UNDP also works in close partnership with the UN System through the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). The 2013-2017 UNDAF has four pillars: (1) equitable economic growth and sustainable livelihoods; (2) disparity reduction, equitable and quality social services; (3) governance, human rights, gender equality, social inclusion and protection; (4) environment and climate change. More details on joint initiative with other UN agencies can be found here.

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