Peacebuilding &

Democratic Governance


Under the Tamarind Tree

The story of Soodaikudah’s only youth group helping to build a sustainable community for all  

Seeds for a Brighter Future

A community sewing seeds for better access to nutritious and organic food  

Sea to Shore

Suren is one of a group of young people behind the Vidattaltivu Eco Tourism Society. Under the EU Support to District Development Programme, UNDP came in to back the community organisation with a…  

A Catch in Time

Through the United Nations Development Programme’s Resettlement in Newly Released Areas (RNRA) project, families like Edmund’s received support from UNDP and the relevant government agencies to build…  

3 Herbs that Saved Hundreds of Lives

The extraordinary story of a man with a vision to uphold traditional Siddha medicine in the North of Sri Lanka.  

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