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#Our2030 Youth Dialogue: Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Today’s generation of young people is the largest the world has ever known. One in every three people alive today is under the age of thirty, and around ninety per cent of these young people are…  

Sky is the limit

“I have achieved two out of three dreams in life. I hope to one day participate at the UN General Assembly and bring to light the importance of inclusion, accessibility and continue to work towards…  

Silent Stitches

Singaravel Janarthani loves to stitch. In silence, she expresses her creativity by designing and tailoring a variety of saree blouses, shalwars and bags. At 25 years, as the elder sister of two…  

Today's Youth; Today's Leaders

In 2005, Sumangala Krishnapillai’s neighbour, was denied membership in a large Community Based Organization due to her low economic and social status. In late 2005, determined to stand up against…  

Colombo Development Dialogues 2 - Policy Paper

The second edition of the Colombo Development Dialogues focused on ‘Water Security and Climate Variability’. The panel brought together a range of individuals from the government, private sector,…  

Energy Poverty

Rural women adopting modern biomass technologies in Sri Lanka  

Building Back Better

In any disaster, the relief officers, military, Police and volunteers are the first responders who are dispatched to assist victims. Possessing the right knowledge to efficiently manage and face…  

A Fresh Start to Life

A story of women farmers using climate resilient production methods  

Climate Resilient Women

Clean water for communities in the agricultural heart of Sri Lanka  

Seas the Day

The story of a snorkeler and her passion to protect the ocean  

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