Legal Aid Review

05 Feb 2013


The Legal Aid Sector in Sri Lanka: Searching for Sustainable Solutions
A Mapping of Legal Aid Services in Sri Lanka


The study was initiated by UNDP and UNHCR as part of an overall analysis of the legal aid sector in the country. The study was carried out by The Asia Foundation as part of its contribution to legal aid in Sri Lanka during a period spanning over a decade. The study looks at the formal legal aid service provision sector in Sri Lanka and attempts to identify gaps and challenges aimed at recommending changes for a more comprehensive legal aid system that is accessible to all.


The study is comprised of three main parts: the legislative and institutional framework, a comparative analysis of legal aid systems around the world and empirical evidence of the status, gaps, and challenges within the legal aid system in Sri Lanka. Based on analysis of the data and information emerging from this mapping exercise, the study presents several key recommendations and conclusions about the current state of legal aid in Sri Lanka.

    Legal Aid Review