Disaster Response Roleplay Simulation Toolkit

Published on 12 Dec 2018 52 pages

Disaster Response Roleplay Simulation Toolkit

This is a roleplay simulation that teaches volunteers, students, practitioners, and communities about the communicative challenges faced during a disaster. Participants take the role of government representatives, aid workers, and community members responding to a dynamically unfolding flooding scenario. It rewards disaster preparedness, clear communication, and cooperation between communities and organizations. 

This roleplay simulation was developed in a collaborative effort between the Government of Japan, UNDP Sri Lanka, and UNV Sri Lanka in light of the increasing frequency of disasters in Sri Lanka and worldwide. It also contributes to the global effort to engage volunteers in disaster risk reduction, as detailed in the Sendai Framework. 

To know more about the simulation and how you can conduct it at your university and school, download the booklet 


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