• Aug 29, 2011
  • Aug 29, 2011
  • Aug 29, 2011
  • Jul 30, 2010

    The second Country Report on Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) for Sri Lanka, it gives the progress of MDGs in Sri Lanka, since 1990. During the period 1991-2008, economic growth in Sri Lanka has ranged around 4 to 7 percent. Economic growth is an important prerequisite for poverty reduction, and the analysis conducted in the context of this second MDG Country Report clearly shows that poverty rates are declining.

  • Jan 30, 2008

    This study has drawn from the provisions of CEDAW and the critical areas of concern of the Beijing Platform of Action and has included additional indicators that are consonant with the expanded vision of the 2005 Outcome Document and its stance of national contextualisation.

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