Colombo Development Dialogues 1 - Policy Paper

Published on 30 Jul 2018 15 pages
Colombo Development Dialogues 1 - Policy Paper

Colombo Development Dialogues 1 Policy Paper

The inaugural Colombo Development Dialogues event focused on ‘Integrated Development

Impact through Partnerships and Innovation’. The panel brought together a range of individuals

from the government, private sector, development agencies, and academia, to provide

expert interventions on topics pertaining to diverse aspects of development. The panel was

complemented by five pre-identified Discussants, who provided additional perspectives and

evaluations of the panellists’ comments to facilitate further questions and discussions. As such,

perspectives on the need for an integrated framework for development, macro-economic policy,

civil society engagement, the role of the private sector in development, innovative reforms

targeting the labour force and the education system, and the need for constructive media

engagement were discussed and debated during the course of the event.

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