UNDP and Sri Lanka: Partners for a New Era

30 Jul 2012



Emerging from three decades of conflict, Sri Lanka looks to the future with newfound hope. In an era of peace and stability, this vibrant country is now in a position to boost economic growth and achieve equitable and sustainable human development. In realizing this vision, the government can also call on the experience and resources of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


UNDP is transitioning into a different kind of programme. Until recently, most of the support was for early recovery of conflict-affected areas, often delivered directly to communities in need. But in future, UNDP will instead assist the Government’s efforts at the national as well as local levels, to operate effectively and deliver services more efficiently.


Looking forward, based on the UNDAF, the UNDP Country Programme 2013-2017 has two broad ‘focus areas’. The first is ‘Governance for Empowerment and Social Inclusion’ – which supports the first three UNDAF pillars. The second is ‘Environmental Sustainability and Resilience’ which is central to the fourth UNDAF pillar.



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