Embracing Innovation

30 May 2017

How a Social Lab can Support the Innovation Agenda in Sri Lanka?

Innovation can be defined as the ability to respond and adapt to change. In the context of Sri Lanka, this definition is pertinent as addressing some of the most pressing national issues, especially those in social development, is a top priority. To fulfill this mission, UNDP Sri Lanka aims to create an innovation lab to explore policy design and stakeholder engagement for national development. The creation of the Lab will provide a space for experimentation, collaboration and innovation within and across various sectors in Sri Lanka.

Continuing the partnership initiated during Sri Lanka's first National Summit on Foresight and Innovation for Sustainable Human Development 2016, Pulse Lab Jakarta extended their support to UNDP Sri Lanka through a scoping mission to assess Sri Lanka's readiness to establish an Innovation Lab. This report on their findings, expands on this goal and outlines the suggested approaches for the Lab, as it evolves in the years following its inception.



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