The Millennium Development Goals Eight Goals for 2015

UNDP's role and leadership on achieving the MDGs in Sri Lanka

The Government and the people of Sri Lanka participated at the Millennium Summit in September 2000 and pledged their support to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. To make good on the commitment, a national campaign has been launched in Sri Lanka to meet the targets. This campaign is led by the Ministry of Finance and Planning and direct implementation assistance is provided by UNDP.

By adopting a pro-poor and pro-growth strategy the country has worked ceaselessly to reach the target goals in the eight different categories. Overall, Sri Lanka has achieved considerable success with respect to a range of social indicators that comprise the MDGs and is on track to achieving the MDG targets for most of the remaining social indicators.

Yet, although many indicators show encouraging trends at national level, there still persist regional disparities which need the attention of policy makers and planners.

UNDP Sri Lanka works with a range of partners to create an enabling environment for the achievement of the MDG targets. It helps develop capacity at both the national and local levels so that communities can achieve self-reliance and work towards attaining the goals. UNDP contributes to the MDGs through: advocacy, sharing of best practices, monitoring and reporting progress and localizing the MDGs.

UNDP’s Leadership on the MDGs in Country

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The second Country Report on Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) for Sri Lanka, it gives the progress of MDGs in Sri Lanka, since 1990. Although many indicators show encouraging trends at national level, still there are regional disparities which need the attention of policy makers and planners. Inadequate infrastructure and weakness of service delivery systems are the main factors behind these disparities.

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