Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Building on the programmatic areas, results, networks and best practices of previous UNDP Projects, UNDP supports Crisis Prevention and Recovery under its Governance for Empowerment and Social Inclusion cluster through the Governance for Local Economic Development Programme (GLED) and the Strengthening Enforcement of Law, Access to Justice and Social Integration (SELAJSI) Programme implemented during 2013-2017. 

Whilst GLED focuses on strengthening governance capacities at District, Divisional and Provincial levels and improving socio-economic opportunities in vulnerable regions in the country, SELAJSI focuses on ensuring that gains in the justice sector are institutionalized, systematized and scaled-up.




  • Communities for ProgressThe overall objective of the project is to promote social cohesion and socio-economic empowerment of communities in 10 war-affected Divisional Secretariat Divisions located in 5 districts of the Northern, North-Central and Eastern Provinces. The immediate objectives of the project are to: i) enhance cohesive structures and collective actions to promote socio-economic empowerment involving all social groups within target communities; and ii) improve social interaction and acceptance among and within socio-culturally diverse communities.

  • Strengthening Enforcement of Law, Access to Justice and Social IntegrationStrengthening Enforcement of Law, Access to Justice and Social IntegrationThe Strengthening Enforcement of Law, Access to Justice and Social Integration (SELAJSI) Programme, will focus on ensuring that gains in the justice sector are institutionalized, systematized and scaled-up.

  • Agro-Economic Development ProjectAgro-Economic Development ProjectThe Agro-Economic Development Project (ADP), funded by the Government of Cananda, is a three year Project aimed at improving the livelihood opportunities of the communities in Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu.

  • EU Support to District Development ProgrammeEU Support to District Development ProgrammeThe European Union Support to District Development Programme (EU-SDDP) funded by the European Union is a 60-month Programme aimed at assisting Sri Lanka to make a transition from post-conflict assistance to reconstruction and development.

  • Northern Livelihood Development Project Northern Livelihood Development ProjectThe Northern Livelihood Development Project (NLDP) aims to support conflict-affected communities particularly in Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu to strengthen their capacities to become self-sufficient through engagement in equitable livelihood opportunities.


UNDP’s new programme cycle which came into operation in 2013, closely links the poverty reduction, democratic governance, and crisis prevention and recovery pillars, under the new ‘Governance for Empowerment and Social Inclusion’ cluster. With the former conflict-affected areas gradually moving from relief to resettlement and recovery, UNDP will adopt a local economic development framework to its work in conflict-affected areas, which will include a formal integration between its current downstream recovery and local governance programmes. UNDP will continue using market-based approaches with more emphasis on value-addition and enterprise development, to support its beneficiary communities to migrate from subsistence to market livelihoods, focusing on the well-being of people still at risk. This work will involve building connections between communities and private sector organizations, so they can access new markets and financial services.

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