Communities for Progress (C4P II)

What is the project about?


The overall objective of the project is to promote social cohesion and socio-economic empowerment of communities in 10 war-affected Divisional Secretariat Divisions located in 5 districts of the Northern, North-Central and Eastern Provinces. The immediate objectives of the project are to: i) enhance cohesive structures and collective actions to promote socio-economic empowerment involving all social groups within target communities; and ii) improve social interaction and acceptance among and within socio-culturally diverse communities. 

C4P II is funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). The project design was informed by feedback received from communities, implementing partners and project staff involved in implementing its predecessor projects, namely, the AusAID-funded Sports for Peace (S4P) and Communities for Peace (C4P) Projects.

Through its main activities such as the CBO Capacity Building Programmes, Twinning Schools Programme and Youth Enterprise Development Programme, the Project targets vulnerable groups with a special focus on gender, youth and differently-abled individuals, in communities with more than one ethnic group.



What have we accomplished?

  • Over 100 CBOs assisted to take inclusive and leadership roles in community socio-economic development
  • Livelihood-related assistance provided to community members to promote collective action
  • Common social structures established to address social issues and to promote interaction among community members
  • Mechanisms established to initiate interaction among different communities/districts


Who financed it?

Donor name Amount contributed
AusAID US$ 2,702,461

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Total Expenditure
Year Amount contributed per year
2010 US$ 98,983 
2011 US$ 626,533
2012 US$ 1,101,705

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