Governance for Local Economic Development (GLED)

What is the programme about?

Building on the programmatic areas, results, networks and best practices of UNDP's Local Governance Programme (LoGoPro) and the Transition Recovery Programme (TRP), UNDP's new flagship Governance for Local Economic Development Programme implemented in 2013-2017 focuses on increasing the capacity of sub-national level governance institutions, civil society, the private sector and communities in order to foster access to enhanced public sector service delivery, socio-economic development and social cohesion across the identified lagging regions, while securing the transition from recovery to development in the lagging areas of Sri Lanka. The GLED Programme has three main projects under it, the EU-UN Joint Intervention Supporting Integrated District Development in Sri Lanka, the Northern Livelihood Development Project and the Rebuilding Agricultural Livelihoods Project.

What the programme will accomplish?

  • Vulnerable groups enabled to engage in sustainable local economic development initiatives
  • Local level governance institutions plan and manage service delivery more effectively and inclusively
  • Vulnerable communities possess increased skills, abilities and opportunities to participate in local governance and development initiatives
  • Policy-makers and development partners are aware of the successful practices and lessons

Programme overview
Programme start date
August 2013
Estimated end date
December 2017
Geographical coverage
National and sub-national
Focus areas
Socio-economic development and social cohesion
Programme officer
Rajendrakumar Ganesarajah
Implementing partner
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs