Democratic Governance


Building on the programmatic areas, results, networks and best practices of previous UNDP Projects, UNDP supports Democratic Governance under its Governance for Empowerment and Social Inclusion cluster through the Governance for Local Economic Development Programme (GLED) and the Strengthening Enforcement of Law, Access to Justice and Social Integration (SELAJSI) Programme implemented during 2013-2017. 

Whilst GLED focuses on strengthening governance capacities at District, Divisional and Provincial levels and improving socio-economic opportunities in vulnerable regions in the country, SELAJSI focuses on ensuring that gains in the justice sector are institutionalized, systematized and scaled-up.



  • The Strengthening Enforcement of Law, Access to Justice and Social Integration (SELAJSI) Programme, will focus on ensuring that gains in the justice sector are institutionalized, systematized and scaled-up.

  • UNDP’s Local Governance Programme was initiated with the aim of enhancing local service delivery for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and to strengthen the local democratic dialogue and support processes that enable citizens to hold local government institutions accountable.

  • Phase II of this project was developed to deepen the activities of Phase I within a conflict prevention framework, while continuing the shift of the primary focus to the East, North, and the estate sector. The outputs are aimed building trust in the justice system and to support confidence-building through the rule of law and access to justice.

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  • The Northern Livelihood Development Project (NLDP) aims to support conflict-affected communities particularly in Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu to strengthen their capacities to become self-sufficient through engagement in equitable livelihood opportunities.

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