Sri Lanka Community Forestry Programme

What is the project about

Community Forestry Management (CFM) has been identified as one of the best approaches for sustainable forest resource management and livelihood enhancement of the communities dependent on forest resources. The CFM approach recognizes that the communities themselves are in a better position to protect forests, reduce forest degradation and deforestation provided, that they are empowered and facilitated with knowledge of the ecosystem and best practices, technologies, market linkages, access to credit and ability to partner with the Government, private sector, NGOs and other entities.

The goal of this four year “Sri Lanka Community Forestry Programme (CFP)” is “to improve the management of natural resources to support livelihoods and contribute to poverty reduction in the dry and intermediate zones.” The CFP is designed in line with the Haritha (Green) Lanka Strategy and Action Plan (2009) and Caring for Environment - National Environmental Action Plan for 2008 to 2012 (2008).

CFP will consist of two key components where component 1 will focus on the implementation of the community forestry approach, which aims to reduce deforestation and forest degradation; and component 2 will provide the necessary support to the Forest Department to replicate the community forestry approach. The project will be implemented in 17 districts, and 23,000 ha of forests will be replanted in 167 sites. Approximately 10,000 households will directly benefit from the project. The total number of people benefitting from the project  including the indirect beneficiaries will be around 90,000.

What have we accomplished so far

  • The project started  field operations in October 2012.
  • By March 2013 work has been initiated in 24 sites and community level Forestry Management Plans are being prepared in those sites. Plan preparation will be over by May 2013.
  • In 2012, productivity was enhanced in 3,402 home gardens
  • Work in another 67 sites will be initiated within the first quarter of 2013
  • Forty five (45) motor bikes and thirty five (computers) were provided to the Forest Department to distribute among its field offices, thereby helping to improve their capacity and access
  • A Programme Management Unit ewas stablished at the premises of Forest Department to facilitate the implementation of the programme.

Who finances it

Donor name Amount contributed
AusAID US$ 4,792,988

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Total expenditure  
Year Amount contributed by year
2012 USD 97,856

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