Agro-Economic Development Project

What is this Project about?

 Agro-Economic Development Project

The Agro-Economic Development Project (ADP), funded by the Government of Cananda, is a three year Project aimed at improving the livelihood opportunities of the target communities in the North, with a focus on ensuring a greater role and engagement of women as beneficiaries, suppliers and members within producer groups and its bodies of decision-makers in the districts of Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu in Sri Lanka.

This Project, which began in December 2014, will aim to develop the sustainable Agro-Economic development in the North and will be oriented to identify livelihood support interventions beyond subsistence levels, supporting value-addition, market linkages and private sector partnerships and creating enabling environment for socio-economic recovery through the restoration of physical infrastructure and community institutions. In total the Project intends to ensure that its beneficiary communities have the adequate capacities, partnerships and above all, commitment, to engage independently in sustainable livelihood opportunities, without continued dependence on aid and external support.

The Project will closely support agricultural producer groups with the necessary infrastructure facilities. Based on the identified producer groups for the locality, infrastructural needs are being identified in consultation with the producer groups, parent CBOs, government departments, regional chambers of commerce and private sector where appropriate. Given critical needs, the Project will address traditional and non-traditional agricultural infrastructure where needed, but weigh its focus to restoring or constructing livelihood infrastructure units that will benefit the producer groups to increase production, add value and access markets. With this orientation in mind, infrastructure units such as farm and fisheries access roads, post-harvest storage and processing facilities, auction centers and markets are expected to be identified.

The strategy of the proposed Project is to promote Local Economic Development (LED) in the three districts of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, by increasing the opportunities and capacities of communities to engage in sustainable Agro-Economic development in the North. 

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Amount (CAD$)

Government of Canada

3 million

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