Northern Livelihood Development Project II

What is this Project about?

Phase two of the Northern Livelihood Development Project was established with the objective of improving sustainable livelihood opportunities in target communities and supporting the capacity enhancement of local level governance institutions / public sector organizations. This was done by promoting Local Economic Development (LED) activities and connecting them with improved public service delivery to incorporate and support LED initiatives in the target districts of Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu

Through experiences gained from previous Projects a sectoral focus was adopted, namely: fisheries, paddy and palmyrah, given their potential for growth in the northern region. Continuing from the approach undertaken in NLDP I, this phase too adopts a market-based orientation as well as value-chain focus. The Project prioritizes interventions that offer high potential for employment generation and poverty reduction with a particular focus on women and youth, while emphasis is given to selecting markets that promote inter and intra community relations and enable communities to develop climate resilient livelihoods.

This Project was implemented to achieve the following outcomes: 

OUTCOME 1: Increased capacities and access to production, processing, value-addition, markets and services for communities 

OUTCOME 2: Increased skills for employability and entrepreneurship for women and youth

OUTCOME 3: Improved exposure to and promotion of innovative models and/or approaches to local economic decision-making, business operations and access to services

OUTCOME 4: Support for capacity enhancement of local level governance institutions / public sector organizations 


Through this Project:

  1. 127 youth have received support to create viable business development plans while a further 185 persons have received employment through the setting up of these new businesses.
  2. Five new fish based products have been introduced by two producer organizations. Enhanced production techniques and improved management practices have been adopted by these organizations.
  3. Grass root level development needs  identified through 235 GN assessment reports, which are to contribute to District Development Planning in future
  4. In a bid to improve service delivery the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu District Secretariat offices have begun to implement the 5S system for administration functions


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