Northern Livelihood Development Project III

What is this Project about?

Phase 3 of the Northern Livelihood Development Project, funded by the Government of Norway, was established to adopt an overall strategy which is to promote Local Economic Development in the Districts of Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu, by increasing the opportunities and capacities of the local communities to engage in sustainable market-based livelihoods. This has been achieved in partnership with the private and public sectors by enhancing existing economic capital through value-addition, product diversification, and skills development.

This Project, which has now completed, followed four strategies during implementation, namely:

  1. Creating livelihood opportunities for vulnerable communities as primary producers.
  2. Strengthening target livelihood sectors by addressing gaps and opportunities in the value-chain systems whilst promoting youth and women engagement (in the Fisheries, Dairy, Palmyrah and non-traditional/innovative sectors).
  3. Investment promotion in alternative/emerging sectors through private sector engagement.
  4. Creating opportunities for youth employability and empowerment through entrepreneurship and leadership development.

Key Achievements

Outcome 1: Increased capacities and access to economic infrastructure and skills to sustain livelihoods for communities

  • Improved livelihoods for over 6000 persons through increase in cultivatable land  (by 30% to 2500 acres), improved quality of drinking water, grazing land and inland fish production by 2017 as a result of the completed Phase I of Salt Water Exclusion Bund and barrage in Poonakary, Killinochchi. Salt tolerant seeds varieties introduced among famers, to cultivate seeds in 50 acres of previously uncultivatable land in the upcoming Maha Season in 2016.
  • (In order to further support the cultivation of previous uncultivated land, farmers are being assisted under the FAO collaborative ADP Project such as the establishment of a seed paddy processing center)


Outcome 2: Increased capacities and access to production and product diversification and markets for target Producer Organizations/Groups 

  • Strengthened livelihoods for approx. 9100 persons through capacitating of 9 Producer Organisations (PO) by way productive infrastructure provision; dedicated technical skills, business management training and business counselling for over 90 PO members
  • Advanced production and processing technologies adopted to produce 15 new/improved products increase production quality and quantity. New marketing channels such as private sector partnerships, super market chains, diaspora markets and tourist sales centers  created. Average of 30% annual income increase of POs experienced.
  • New employment opportunities in POs increased by 86% as a result of business expansion, with a high majority being women.


Outcome 3: Access to alternative livelihoods through the promotion of the tourism sector for Youth

  • Development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Northern Tourist Sector is nearing completion, which will provide strategic direction for the Northern Provincial Council to develop the Sector. This is further complemented by a now complete Information Center and promotion of tourist attractions through website and other tourist promotional materials.
  • 24 youth have commenced tourism/hospitality industry based training to gain employment opportunities in the sector. 


Outcome 4: Enhanced entrepreneurship and leadership skills for Youth

  • Strengthened entrepreneurship based livelihoods for approx. 2870 persons through; dedicated business plan development, complementary support and access to credit to 231 youth. These Youth entrepreneurs have enhanced product quality, introduced  13 new products and entered into 75 new markets and gained income increase.  56% of youth entrepreneurs have gained access to credit from financial institutions based on their sound BPs. 
  • Youth leadership development training provided to 116 youth  and improved  youth representation at community level decision making forums and  increased access to CBO committees achieved. Collaborative efforts with government offices for community engagement/advocacy initiatives and implementation of community projects begun


Outcome 5: Improved access to justice and livelihood opportunities for Resettled communities in the Jaffna District (ONGOING)

  • Comprehensive need assessment for 5 Grama Niladhari Divisions completed. Needs will now be prioritised to provide most suitable resettlement support to communities
  • Start up livelihood packages provided to 30 families, agriculture initiatives begun with the cultivation of onions and other vegetable crops, and to be scaled up to commercial level in due course. Livelihood inputs planned for 300 families will ensure satisfactory production capacities of primary producers, supported by productive infrastructure such as agro wells
  • Tendering process for the construction work on 3 Village Secretariats commenced to support efficient public service to the returnee community and aid the smooth resettlement of over 1200 families
  • Construction of 3 Multi-Purpose Cooperative Buildings and auction center to reactivate the agriculture and fisheries sector and link primary producers to the markets

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