The 'UNLOCKED' Project

UNLOCKED is a space for Sri Lankan youth to express their views and opinions on development with the aim of creating positive change in the world. The views expressed in the blogs are solely those of the authors. UNDP Sri Lanka does not represent or endorse the views expressed in these blogs.



The UNLOCKED Project is an initiative by UNDP Sri Lanka, following the launch of the National Human Development Report 2014 on Youth and Development.



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  • Talking Over Tea: The True Dilemma of Climate Reality

    “When it comes to the environment, academics talk and nobody listens.” Latent frustration filled Dr. Timotheues Gaasbeek’s voice. He surveyed the room of graduate students before him, then raised a cautionary finger.

  • Is Populism a threat to Democracy?

    It can be argued that progressive populism is feasible for democracy. The answer of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question in the title may not be feasible given the varying contextual perspectives of populism and their respective consequences on democracy. Hence, a populism which amasses people for the true realisation of democratic principles such as good governance, equity and rule of law can be considered good for democracy rather than a threat to democracy. Hence, in essence this article will discuss populism in relation to democracy both in light of a threat and also an integral part of democracy.

  • A Consensus on Collaboration: Reflections of the first Colombo Development Dialogues

    How Sri Lanka must structure its development processes to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals has been the subject of numerous dialogues, discussions and fora since Sri Lanka committed to the seventeen ambitious goals and its targets in New York in September 2015. Multiple committees, panels and bodies were formed to facilitate collaborative planning, implementation and monitoring of efforts towards the SDGs to this end, but the effectiveness of such institutions in precipitating meaningful change and facilitating truly inclusive development has often been called into question.

  • Unlocking the potential of Youth with Disabilities by strengthening labour market participation

    Persons with Disabilities are an integral component of the population. The 2011 census carried out by the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) records indicate that 8.7% of the total population are Persons with Disabilities. However, there were serious concerns regarding the definition and criteria for identifying a Person with Disability during the census.

  • Safe Spaces for Youth

    We say that our youth carry with them the hope of the world, but who carries them? Young people are increasingly vulnerable in a world filled with conflict, violence, drug and human trafficking, the spread of disease, natural disasters, lack of education and the list just goes on. Somehow every trial of the world seems to affect young people the most

  • Reflections on a masterclass on poverty alleviation in Sri Lanka

    It isn’t often that you are transported to the lecture halls of one of the world’s premier universities, hearing an eminent academic expound on the current developmental issues in South Asia. For a postgraduate student based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, this was fulfilled through the ‘Colombo Development Dialogues (CDD) Masterclass’ organised by the South Asia Centre, the London School of Economics and Political Science (SAC, LSE) and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Sri Lanka.

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