The 'UNLOCKED' Project

UNLOCKED is a space for Sri Lankan youth to express their views and opinions on development with the aim of creating positive change in the world. The views expressed in the blogs are solely those of the authors. UNDP Sri Lanka does not represent or endorse the views expressed in these blogs.



The UNLOCKED Project is an initiative by UNDP Sri Lanka, following the launch of the National Human Development Report 2014 on Youth and Development.



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  • UNLOCKED Blog 6: Our Toughest Hurdle; Unemployment

    It is evident that youth unemployment poses one of the toughest challenges to inclusive development and sustainable growth, as it excludes the most important and most resourceful sector of our society. It creates an overwhelming sense of frustration for the youth.

  • UNLOCKED Blog 5: The Invisible Woman

    A large part of the issue is that many think of street harassment as a trivial matter - harmless, even humorous. We have become so used to it happening around us that this has suddenly turned into the norm, and even to report it seems silly. But why should I or any other young woman be walking with fear? Why are we altering our lives such that we are left with no choice but to become invisible? We deserve to be respected.

  • UNLOCKED Blog 2: The Private Sector: A Solution to Youth Unemployment in Sri Lanka

    As big a role the government has to play in fixing the issue of high youth unemployment, the private sector plays and will continue to play an equally important role.

  • UNLOCKED Blog 11: The Blind Spot

    We all have the tendency to pay less attention to several things in our daily lives. I leave many unattended with very little effort and it doesn’t affect me all that much. However, paying attention to a few of these many things could make a huge difference. This scenario can be related to the blind spot.

  • UNLOCKED Blog 4: The stigma surrounding domestic violence and its impact on youth

    Young people suffer the most as they experience feelings of guilt and helplessness. Growing up in a violent environment may also lead to isolation. The stigma attached to issues revolving around domestic violence is far too high that many refuse to talk about it.

  • UNLOCKED Blog 1: 4 Lesser Known Stats about Sri Lanka’s System of Education

    Every child should study what he or she really wants to study & every child should have a shot at living his/her dream and an opportunity to live a comfortable life doing what they love.

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