The 'UNLOCKED' Project

UNLOCKED is a space for Sri Lankan youth to express their views and opinions on development with the aim of creating positive change in the world. The views expressed in the blogs are solely those of the authors. UNDP Sri Lanka does not represent or endorse the views expressed in these blogs.



The UNLOCKED Project is an initiative by UNDP Sri Lanka, following the launch of the National Human Development Report 2014 on Youth and Development.



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  • Are we sure we are Leaving No One Behind?

    The underlying theme for the 2030 Agenda is, that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals should be achieved without a disparity between different groups. Can we honestly say we are leaving no one behind? I would argue, no.

  • Global Ransomware Attack: Who is to be blamed?

    The ransomware attack WannaCry recently that locked more than 200,000 computers in over 150 countries has given rise to inevitable questions about the security measures taken by organizations to protect the information they hold. In an era where information is a strategic resource, any compromise on system security can be disastrous.

  • Back to Nature

    This year’s World Environment Day has a simple yet confounding message. It urges us to reconnect with nature. In suggestions on how to celebrate the day this year, the UN implores us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share.

  • UNLOCKED Blog 10: Feminism, Young Women and Development

    Feminism, in its simplest form, means promoting gender equality; and a feminist is a person who actively advocates for the rights for women. So why is the use of the word such a controversy?

  • UNLOCKED Blog 7: What does it take?

    Even the simplest of recipes require attention and effort. Looking at the current atmosphere and the mentality of people in Sri Lanka, we need to figure out that we need to strongly start believing in a nation that is united at all levels.

  • UNLOCKED Blog 3: The Art of Unity: The Sri Lankan Chapter

    We have, in the past, dwelled on what divides us, instead of focusing on what can bring us together. This has been the case not only in Sri Lanka, but perhaps throughout human history.