Youth LEADs

UNDP Sri Lanka, guided by UNDP’s core principles, building on its recently launched 2014 Sri Lanka National Human Development Report on Youth and Development, will pilot the Youth LEAD programme to engage with and invest in youth for development.

The Youth LEAD programme will be a learning and development programme created to empower Sri Lankan youth. The Programme will give an opportunity for youth to be familiarized with UNDP’s work, give them a holistic experience of the organization and support UNDP programme initiatives contributing to sustainable development.

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the UNDP Country Director, four Youth LEADs, recruited under the UNV Youth Volunteer Modality, will support UNDP Sri Lanka Country Programme for a duration of 12 months in its youth-related policy, programming, advocacy, innovation and outreach work. 

  • Sharing Stories vs. Learning Facts – Managing the Knowledge We Create
    Nov 20, 2017

    150 participants, 50 countries, 40 organizations across UNDP country offices worldwide, government partners, and private sector innovation facilities from across the globe. This was the makeup of the participants at the Istanbul Innovation Days.

  • Youth Leads #3: What a week!

    Each week here at UNDP brings in something new and something totally unexpected. We started off the week with just the three of us, as Isuru was away in New York attending his graduation, and it was interesting to see how the absence of one teammate was akin to missing a vital organ! Nonetheless we powered through our meetings and events, trying to provide the innovation of four LEADS with just the three of us. One of the biggest events of the week was a panel discussion organized by the UNDP centered on the 19th Amendment.

  • Youth Leads #5 :  Innovation through Simplicity

    A month gone and a wealth of knowledge accumulated! Week 5 was by far the most inspiring thus far because we managed to meet many young and empowered, yet often unheard, youth. Of course, the highlight of our week was attending Dialog Ideamart’s IdeaBash 2015 held at the Dialog Future World

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