Youth LEADs

UNDP Sri Lanka, guided by UNDP’s core principles, building on its recently launched 2014 Sri Lanka National Human Development Report on Youth and Development, will pilot the Youth LEAD programme to engage with and invest in youth for development.

The Youth LEAD programme will be a learning and development programme created to empower Sri Lankan youth. The Programme will give an opportunity for youth to be familiarized with UNDP’s work, give them a holistic experience of the organization and support UNDP programme initiatives contributing to sustainable development.

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the UNDP Country Director, four Youth LEADs, recruited under the UNV Youth Volunteer Modality, will support UNDP Sri Lanka Country Programme for a duration of 12 months in its youth-related policy, programming, advocacy, innovation and outreach work. 

  • A Consensus on Collaboration: Reflections of the first Colombo Development Dialogues
    Aug 24, 2018

    How Sri Lanka must structure its development processes to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals has been the subject of numerous dialogues, discussions and fora since Sri Lanka committed to the seventeen ambitious goals and its targets in New York in September 2015. Multiple committees, panels and bodies were formed to facilitate collaborative planning, implementation and monitoring of efforts towards the SDGs to this end, but the effectiveness of such institutions in precipitating meaningful change and facilitating truly inclusive development has often been called into question.

  • Fixing the School Culture
    Aug 25, 2015

    Today, you and I are part of the 23.2%. 14 years ago, we were part of the 26.8%. Education is the key to solving many development issues, such as poverty, unemployment and even violence.

  • Being selected as one of the four UNDP Youth Leads is definitely one of the best news I have ever heard. While the opportunity to work for the UNDP is definitely something that would excite anyone, what truly excited me, as well as the rest of the team, was what our new assignment consisted of. It presented us with the opportunity to work with the UNDP and the clusters within it to come up with innovative initiatives and solutions that would benefit all Sri Lankans, especially our young peers.

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