Crisis prevention & recovery

Supporting communities affected by nearly three decades of conflict as they gradually move from relief to recovery and development is a key focus of our work. In doing so, we support efforts aimed at enabling internally displaced people to return safely to their communities, creating sustainable livelihoods and addressing their most pressing justice and human rights concerns. In addition, assisting in efforts to manage disaster risks is also a core part of our work. With Sri Lanka becoming increasing vulnerable to natural disasters, our work includes promoting disaster risk reduction and resilience.

Our Goals

We support formerly conflict-affected communities to migrate from subsistence to market livelihoods and build linkages between them and the private sector so they can access new markets and financial services. We will continue to bring together different communities kept apart by conflict, and provide support for vulnerable people to obtain vital documentation that would give them greater access to justice. Furthermore, in mitigating natural disasters, we will help develop national capacities to respond to disasters and mitigate the risk they pose.more

Bridging divides

Nearly three-decades of war in Sri Lanka have fragmented relationships between the country’s Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities. UNDP will also continue using its recovery work as entry points for peacebuilding between communities kept apart by war, and scale-up select initiatives such as the schools twinning. more

Our Stories

A “triple win” for individuals, households and community: Palm Producers’ Cooperative Pandaitharippu

In 2011, UNDP, under its Transition Recovery Programme undertook a market and producer assessment of the Pandaitharippu Palm Producers’ Cooperative. The assessment found that although there was a demand for palmyrah-based products, the Cooperative had limitations in accessing many of the high-value markets due to the lack of adherence to quality standards.more 

Rebuilding fishermen's livelihoods in Mullaitivu District

Fishermen in Mullaitivu District, Northern Sri Lanka, have been living off the sea for decades. However, years of conflict and displacement have disrupted their livelihoods and caused large scale damage to the economic and social infrastructure. Anuraj, a father of three, was displaced four times with his family since the 90’s. “I could not store the fish I caught properly and received low prices at the market. I had to find casual labor or borrow money to make ends meet,” he says.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • EU Support to District Development Programme

    The European Union Support to District Development Programme (EU-SDDP) funded by the European Union is a 60-month Programme aimed at assisting Sri Lanka to make a transition from post-conflict assistance to reconstruction and development.more 

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