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A new resolve to promote social integration

Prior to 2013, Amila Nilangani, from Moneragala, had little understanding of what ‘social integration’ meant. In fact, she says, “I didn’t even know there was such a concept.” Adding to this were the negative perceptions she had about those of the Tamil community, shaped by years of conflict.  more


Helping communities obtain vital legal documentation

S. Mangaleswaran is happy that she was able to obtain the birth certificate for her child. Just a few feet away from her, I. Nallaiyah is only too glad to display the elder’s Identity Card she has just received, while a young couple is busily filling in an application form in order to obtain their mmore


Mobile Legal Documentation Clinics – helping Sri Lankans to put their lives back on track

As a former child soldier with the LTTE, Kanthi’s dream of being able to return to school recently came true when a mobile documentation service in her area issued her with a replacement birth certificate, a document critical for school admission and exam enrollment. Meanwhile, neighbours in her vilmore