What We Do

UNDP works with national partners to help people achieve inclusive and sustainable human development. We address regional disparities by strengthening local economies and governance systems able to deliver social services in an equitable manner, while helping disadvantaged communities to access justice systems and legal aid. We also work to protect the environment and develop national capacities to respond to disasters and mitigate the risk they pose.

Our Goals

UNDP works with national and local partners and institutions to increase their capacity to plan, implement, monitor and sustain inclusive, socio-economic development. We aim to create sustainable livelihoods and protect human rights, with special attention to the needs of the marginalized— including conflict-affected communities, women-headed households, and youth. At the same time we support the national agenda for sustainable development, promoting policies designed to strengthen natural resource management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster risk reduction. more

UNDP and Sri Lanka - Partners for a new era

Emerging from three decades of conflict, Sri Lanka looks to the future with hope. In an era of renewed peace and stability, this vibrant country is now in a position to boost economic growth and achieve equitable and sustainable human development. UNDP works hand in hand with national partners to realize this vision. more

Our Stories

Today's Youth, Today's Leaders

“I was not always independent and self-confident. Quite the contrary; I was extremely shy. But now I make a conscious effort to advocate for equality in our society. Someone has to stand up!” says Sumangala, a YLDP Participant from Batticaloa. more 

Milk for ‘Wholesome’ Empowerment: Life after War
Milk for ‘Wholesome’ Empowerment: Life after War

At 25 years she is the General Manager of the Poonakary Livestock Breeders’ Cooperative Society (PLIBCO) in Killinochchi, Sri Lanka. Smart, skillful, determined and passionate – Meet Thevaseelan Keetha.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Equal Access to Justice Phase II

    The Equal Access to Justice Project – Phase II was developed to deepen and orient the activities of Phase I of the Equal Access to Justice Project within a conflict prevention framework, while also continuing the shift of the primary focus to the East and North, as well as to the estate sector, and addressing trust/confidence-building, gender-equity, peaceful conflict resolution and mediation.more 

  • Sri Lanka Community Forestry Programme

    Community Forestry Management recognizes that the communities themselves are in a better position to protect forests and so a four year project titled Community Forestry Programme has been initiated.more 

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