Youth and Innovation

UNDP Asia-Pacific Innovation Fund was launched in early 2014 with the support of UNDP Innovation Facility. By signaling UNDP’s strong commitment to innovation, the Fund has supported prototyping of new approaches to address various development challenges across the region. This has included new ways of looking at development problems, solutions outside of traditional project cycles, partnerships with non-traditional partners, and inclusive and collaborative engagement with citizens that enhances the reach and impact of our projects. Through a competitive process, seed resources were allocated to 16 country offices to experiment with new ideas in the context of national development priorities.

Our Initiatives

UNDP Sri Lanka's Youth and Innovation journey began in 2014 with the launch of the Sri Lanka National Human Development Report on Youth and Development and the launch of the Asia Pacific Regional Innovations Fund. In this section you will find important information about UNDP Sri Lanka's initiatives related to Youth and Innovation. Through this page we hope to keep you up to date on all our Youth and Innovation related initiatives.

Towards a More Inclusive Future

Being one of the country offices selected to experiment with new ideas, UNDP Sri Lanka, by leveraging existing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and integrating them with the 2014 National Human Development Report on ‘Youth and Development: Towards a More Inclusive Future’ and events like the Social Good Summit, successfully collected views from local youth, both online and offline, on why there is a low level of youth participation and civic engagement, as well as how it can be improved.more

Our Stories

  • Today's Youth, Today's Leaders

    “I was not always independent and self-confident. Quite the contrary; I was extremely shy. But now I make a conscious effort to advocate for equality in our society. Someone has to stand up!” says Sumangala, a YLDP Participant.more 

  • Calling Youth into Policy Making

    Every call for the youth to voice their opinion should therefore be seen by the youth of Sri Lanka as a gateway to shaping the society they want to have tomorrow.more 

  • Timing is right

    Young people aged 15-29 make up over a fifth of Sri Lanka’s total population, and with the end of the 30 year civil conflict in the country, issues such as youth unemployment, political participation and investment in higher education have become critical issues. more 

  • Conversing for Change

    Witnessing youth enthusiasm at the NHDR launch and at the two Youth Meetups, wanting enabling environments, forums, places to discuss productive ways to use technology to promote positive youth engagement, “What is the best mode of communication to actively promote youth engagement?” was one of the primary questions posed by and to the Innovations Team of UNDP Sri Lanka.more 

  • Let's Meet-up

    The youth want more, to meet again, to discuss in detail, find solutions and be part of the positive change. We understand the need to build a permanent forum, nonpartisan one, which will encourage and involve young people. more 

  • Inspiring Meet-up echoes ‘Yes - We want more!’

    Startling statistics from the report showed that in Sri Lanka there is a significantly low percentage of youth who are actively engaged in political and civic dimensions. more