Supporting the Government in introducing Results Based Management

25 Mar 2010

For a little over 3 years UNDP has been assisting the Government of Sri Lanka, through the Ministry of Plan Implementation (MPI), to introduce Results Based Management (RBM) in Government offices. As the name suggests, RBM is a results based monitoring system that helps the Government to ensure efficient and effective implementation of policies and programmes.

Last year, the initiative was linked to the national budgetary process of Sri Lanka. The Budget Call 2010 issued by the Treasury to the Secretaries of Ministries, requested Ministries to submit their budget requirements and, at the same time, identify their Key Performance Indicators in the Agency Results Framework. Simply put, this means that funding for Ministries will be closely tied to their performance or how well they are meeting their identified targets.  The success of this programme has been appreciated by many Governments in the region and delegations from several countries such as India, Yemen, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have visited Sri Lanka to study the system.

Maldives has also expressed their interest in learning more about RBM from Sri Lanka. Currently preparing for a donor forum to be held in March Maldives is working towards developing a framework to be presented at the forum.  The Ministry of Plan Implementation has been requested by Maldives to help in the development of this framework. Officials from the Government of Sri Lanka are scheduled to travel to Maldives to share their inputs on incorporating RBM in development planning.