Independent evaluation of the Transition Recovery Programme and Support to Mine Action Project

27 Feb 2012

UNDP recently concluded an independent evaluation of its Transition Recovery Programme (TRP) and Support to Mine Action Project (SMAP) to assess how it was faring in contributing to UNDP Sri Lanka’s Country Programme results. The TRP is UNDP’s flagship programme and provides recovery support to the conflict affected populations in the North and East, while the SMAP provides management support to the mine action sector in Sri Lanka.

The evaluation confirmed that both projects are on track in its contributions. The TRP was commended for its timely support to communities through livelihood assistance, micro-enterprise development and community infrastructure rehabilitation, which helped them to restart income generating activities and prevented them from becoming more vulnerable. The report was also impressed by the TRP’s strategies for using livelihood activities to create goodwill between various communities that previously had little or no interaction with each other. The evaluation commended the SMAP for having succeeded in strengthening national institutions to coordinate and manage mine action and becoming a critical enabler for the resettlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs) following the end of the war.

Looking to the future, the evaluation recommended that TRP continue its support to livelihood development and community cohesion, and to increase focus on adding value to production and creating links between producer groups and markets. For the SMAP it is recommended that UNDP continue its involvement in the mine action sector with an increased focus on supporting national institutions to fully take over the sector and to extend focus beyond resettlement to the socio-economic development implications of mine action.
UNDP is encouraged by these overall findings of the Evaluation and looks forward to continuing its support to the communities in the North and East of Sri Lanka.