New Programme on ‘Governance for Local Economic Development’ comes into operation

06 Sep 2013

imageMr. P. B. Abeykoon, Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs, speaking on the occasion of the first Programme Board meeting of UNDP’s new GLED Programme, during which the Programme Framework Document of the GLED Programme was also signed between the Ministry and UNDP

UNDP Sri Lanka, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs initiated the new ‘Governance for Local Economic Development’ (GLED) Programme.

This new five year Programme will focus on strengthening governance capacities of sub-national level governance institutions, civil society, the private sector and communities in order to foster access to enhanced public sector service delivery and improve socio-economic opportunities and social cohesion across lagging and vulnerable regions in the North and East, while securing their transition from recovery to development. It will help communities increase their production and value-added capacities and make use of productive infrastructure, new technologies and knowledge. Strengthened engagement with the private sector will also increase the sustainability of livelihood initiatives.

GLED also builds on the programmatic thrusts, results, networks and best practices of both the Local Governance Programme (LoGoPro) and the Transition Recovery Programme (TRP) implemented during UNDP’s 2008-2012 country programme cycle.

Mr. P.B Abeykoon, Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs and Ms. Razina Bilgrami, Country Director, UNDP Sri Lanka signed the Programme Framework on 6th September 2013.