“Results based management crucial” – UNDP Consultant Dr. Ray Rist

06 Apr 2007

Colombo, April 6, 2007 – The Sri Lanka government has launched a project to strengthen its plan implementation capacity. This UNDP assisted project aims to efficiently implement state policies, programmes and projects and to ensure that they are result oriented. It is expected to institutionalize ‘results based management’ in development activities in addition to establishing an efficient monitoring and evaluation mechanism. The first three-years of the project is being financed by UNDP to the tune of US$ 415, 000.
UNDP secured the services of Dr. Ray Rist, an international consultant and a senior evaluation officer who served the World Bank to conduct introductory workshops for government ministry secretaries and senior state officials on the need for results based planning and its implementation.

“Results Based Management has been in practice in the OECD countries for a couple of decades, and its heartening to note that large number of developing countries, have decided to adopt this system,” said Dr. Rist who was in the island from 2-6 April 2007.
He also conducted workshops for line ministry officials and liaison officers tasked with implementing the country’s ten-year development plan. Dr.Rist plans to assist government institutions evolve a results based management culture during his subsequent visits.