National Platform for disaster preparedness

07 May 2007

May 7, 2007 - A National Platform to facilitate coherent efforts to strengthen people’s resilience to disasters will soon be in place. The UNDP funded Disaster Management Center (DMC) is to play a lead role in establishing this National Platform.
One hundred and sixty eight governments round the world resolved to take action to reduce disaster risk, and accepted the guidelines formalized in January 2005 at the Word Conference on Disaster Reduction, held in Hyogo, Japan.
The ten year [2005- 2015] plan ‘the Hyogo Framework for Action’ [HFA] and its implementation in Sri Lanka was discussed at a recent National Consultative Meeting on ‘Building Resilience to the Indian Ocean Tsunami’. The workshop was organized by the DMC and International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). The Hyogo Framework acts to make disaster risk reduction a priority and builds understanding and awareness to ensure people in disaster prone regions are prepared to face any eventualities.
The main objective of the workshop in Colombo was to discuss future activities and priorities of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) and to devise methods to advance disaster reduction efforts in Sri Lanka and continue the discussion on tsunami early warning systems by reviewing the current status of the ISDR coordinated initiative “Indian Ocean Consortium”. 
The forum was of the view that there is a strong need for more coordination on disaster risk reduction, between government and non-government agencies. The meeting decided all national disaster development stakeholders should be involved in the implementation of the National Platform for disaster preparedness.
Ms. Madavi Ariyabandu the UN/ISDR representative made a presentation on strengthening coordinated action through multi-stakeholder National Platforms and the Strategic National Action plans. She also briefed the forum on the workings of the Regional and Global Platforms.
UNDP’s Ms. Geethi Karunarathna made a presentation on the national progress with respect to the HFA’s priorities for action and challenges in its implementation.
Government agencies directly involved in disaster management, NGOs and INGOs   working on disaster management and Indian Ocean Tsunami Consortium partners attended the workshop.