Enrico Gaveglia, Deputy Country Director, UNDP Sri Lanka at the Handing-over Ceremony of the Every Drop Matters Project, Trincomalee

Jul 16, 2013

A token of remembrance of a partnership well done! EDM – Trincomalee, supported by Coca Cola and implemented by UNDP

Dear Division Secretary, Zonal Education Officer, officers from the District Secretariat and Zonal Education Office, friends from the community, representatives from Coca Cola and UNDP colleagues.

Good morning!

I am very pleased to be here this morning together with many of our partners and community friends.

As we ceremonially handover the project implemented via the Every Drop Matters initiative to the people here, we have to remember that there is more to be done to empower lives in the communities.

Through the Every Drop Matters initiative, globally and nationally we aim to -

Increase access to safe drinking water and sanitation services through community involvement.

Ensure adaptation to climate change by improving water management using inclusive and practical community based approaches.

Increase awareness to promote responsible water resource management and sanitation/hygiene practices through advocacy and outreach.

The community here has been directly affected by many challenges, like the Tsunami and the conflict for example. These have had a direct impact on the living conditions, where many have had to live without basic sanitation facilities and use contaminated water from partially dug wells for drinking. Water-borne diseases have caused adverse health conditions as well.

Keeping in line with our mandate of empowering lives and building resilient nations, and the aims of EDM, our interventions were targeted to improve water and sanitation provisions.

As my colleague from the field here will explain further, this initiative renovated and upgraded wells, constructed toilet facilities and conducted awareness programmes on school waste reduction, eco-conservation and on eco-friendly community infrastructure construction.

We are proud of our work with partners from many different fields. Our work with the EDM initiative is continuing and we will work towards ensuring that our programmes will have great impact and empower lives.

I thank all of you, our local partners, and colleagues from Coca Cola and the people from the community for joining with us this morning.

Thank you.

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