Speech by UNDP Country Director at the OPA Press Briefing 2016


30 June 2016:
A very good evening to all of you.

President of the Organization of Professional Associations, Adjunct Professor Rohana Kuruppu;

President-Elect, Mr. Ruwan Gallage;

General Secretary, Mr. Nissanka Perera;

Friends from the media; and



Peace, stability and effective governance are key to achieve sustainable human development.

When we look at the Sustainable Development Goals, we have one goals dedicated, 16th Goal, for Peace. Justice and Strong Institutions.  Which are conduits for achieving effective governance structures.

Good Governance therefore is key to achieve the 2030 Global Development Agenda as a whole, and is something that goes beyond Goal Number 16.

Surveys such as ‘My World’ and ‘The World We Want’ in 2013 and 2014 reflected people’s perspective that the quality of governance has a profound effect on sustainable development.

In Sri Lanka alone over half a million people voiced their opinion and identified “an honest and responsive government” as one of their top priorities.

This is why we are very pleased to collaborate with the OPA yet again as a strategic partner for its 29th Annual Conference. We are very glad to hear that the theme of the Conference is Good Governance, the Way Forward: Enhancing the Quality of Life.

Last year, UNDP partnered with the OPA as the ‘innovations for development” partner for their 28th Annual Conference and we are pleased to continue this collaboration for another year and beyond.

We live in a world of volatility, uncertainty, and unpredictability, which makes development challenges complex and interconnected. This calls for a collective approach to ensure that we bring our collective strengths to the task of achieving sustainable human development.

We, as the development arm of the United Nations and a key development partner working for over five decades in Sri Lanka, believe that everyone has a part to play in ensuring good governance.

Good governance is an indispensable enabler for improving the quality of life of all segments of Sri Lankan society and for leaving no one behind.

Organizations such as the OPA therefore, has an important role to play as a body of civil society professionals. For example:

The OPA, with nearly 50,000 professionals in various fields and an extensive outreach, is well placed to support in the implementation of the 2030 Development Agenda.

The OPA is also well-placed to support the broad state reforms agenda of the national unity government, and thereby contribute to the consolidation of democracy in the country. Key reforms include Constitutional reforms, addressing corruption, sustainable economic development, rule of law, reconciliation and gender empowerment.

Democratic Governance is at the core of what we do at UNDP.

In many countries, UNDP has and continue to support governments to help create an enabling environment for all social partners, including civil societies, to grow in strength and contribute towards national development.

UNDP has a plethora of international resources from our global network of some 170 countries.

We are therefore pleased to contribute to the Annual Conference on Good Governance, by way of sharing UNDP’s comparative knowledge and best practice across the globe.

We look forward to the support of our media colleagues as we work toward this Conference which will be held on the 4th and 5th of October 2016, and hope you will be able to take this message to a wider audience.

Together with OPA and other interested partners, we can certainly build a platform to discuss good governance,

And more importantly the role it plays to achieve sustainable human development and ensuring that we leave no one behind.

Thank you.  

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