Useless or Used Less?

18 Dec 2015 by Indooshan Shanthakumaran

Youth leadership roles in Sri Lanka are treated with lesser importance, unless exercised within carefully managed environments. Ultimately, it is evident that it is not the fact that our youth are ‘useless’; actually they are ‘used less’ by the system. … Read more

The Pain of the Brain Drain

16 Dec 2015 by Qadir Saheed

Youth want to be different and make a significant contribution to the country. However the some young people study overseas only to return and find that there are no jobs available. So they leave the country in search of jobs outside. … Read more

Sri Lankan Women in Politics

11 Dec 2015 by Chapa Perera

There is a deep rooted prejudice among the general public pertaining to the role of women, and – if they do decide to run for elections – how exactly should they do so? … Read more

Are Young People #AddingValue?

27 Nov 2015 by Muradh Mohideen

The CYF is yet to convince me that a large majority of young people can decide for themselves. Having said that, I did meet a handful of young people who are championing wonderful initiatives in their respective communities. So are young people #AddingValue? I believe some of them are. What do you think? … Read more

What I Expect From the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris

26 Nov 2015 by Ban Ki-Moon

My message to world leaders is clear: success in Paris depends on you. Now is the time for common sense, compromise and consensus. It is time to look beyond national horizons and to put the common interest first. The people of the world – and generations to come – count on you to have the vision and courage to seize this historic moment. … Read more

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