Gender equity and equality

Gender Journey 

UNDP is committed to finding innovative ways to advance gender equality and create a safe space for everyone and break the culture of silence.

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Vishma's Story 

Vishma suffered the abuse caused by her husband in silence for 25 years. Here's how UNDP together with Women In Need (WIN) supported her where she now has a second chance to lead a happy and peaceful life. Watch video 


Rohini's Story 

Rohini was a young attractive woman who unfortunately suffered greatly due to cyber violence and bullying. Through UNDP and WIN's support she has now been able to move onto better things in life. Watch video 


A story of one woman's determination to unravel the mysterious habits of the elusive fishing cats of Colombo.

Celebrating Women and Girls 

When Anya Ratnayaka found a fierce female fishing cat in her trap last December, she knew she wanted to name her after a dragon. Anya fell a little in love on the spot. When Neak was eventually collared and released, the researcher began tracking her, following with fascination her long and winding jaunts across the city. 



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