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  • Climate Resilient Integrated Water Management Project

    Climate Resilient Integrated Water Management Project (CRIWMP) is a seven-year project (2017-2024) aimed at strengthening the resilience of Smallholder Farmers in Sri Lanka’s Dry Zone to climate variability and extreme events.

  • Strengthening the Resilience of Post-Conflict Recovery and Development to Climate Change Risks in Sri Lanka

    The project will significantly strengthen the capability of key provinces in the context of Sri Lanka’s emergence from the 30-year conflict to develop and implement local climate strategies and climate-smart investment plans which are aligned with the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy through a combination of policy, institutional and investment measures, the project serves to promote climate resilient planning and investment beyond its immediate lifetime.

  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas

    The Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) developed five-year pilot project, jointly funded by the Global Environmental Facility and the Government of Sri Lanka to improve the country capacity to manage Environmentally Sensitive Areas

  • This project will have a positive impact both at the local and global level on biodiversity conservation and human well-being. One of the major positive impacts would be the sustenance of the livelihood of those communities that rely on healthy ecosystems. Globally too, the conservation of Sri Lanka’s unique biodiversity, will see positive results, such as reducing the risk to species and areas that are unique to the island and also are facing any threat. It is also anticipated that the project will be able to reduce the threats to biodiversity in other parts of the world by controlling the export of IAS from Sri Lanka.

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